where there is despair, hope

Attributed to St Francis of Assisi, this phrase came immediately to mind as I wrestled with how I should respond to the three air disasters of recent memory (with the loss of innocent lives of women, men and children – rich and poor, professional and ordinary folk, families and singles); the advance of ISIS/Islamic State/DAESH [...]

Of cats and men

Some two or three months ago, a 6 week old kitten arrived unexpectedly on the front door step of my friend’s place. The tiny grey-furred feline looked as if it needed a good feed and from that moment onwards, “Doodles” became a regular visitor. However, over the weeks, the little inquisitive guest would “disappear” but [...]


Leadership  –  we have been hearing quite a bit about it lately …. from National and International Politicians (who argue over who has the better Economic Policy or who is best “to run the show”) … from our various National Sports Organisations (who argue about “salary caps” or who vie for prime media time to [...]


I believe in a “ God of Surprises “; yes, a God who recognises my giftedness, my talents; for this God calls me into relationship – warts and all ! However, if I am to grow into an authentic human being I was meant to be and created to be, I need to “let go” and “be” – for others !

Life is made up of not what I do

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. Benjamin Franklin It has struck me during the past few months, as more and more “bad” news emerges reported almost daily, in the aftermath of such thing as murders, air tragedies, attacks and abuse of every kind [...]

Navel gazing can have its limits !

Late Summer on the East Coast of Australia (southern hemisphere). Warm to hot days in Sydney. Long evening Shadows in Perth, Western Australia. Humidity in Brisbane, Queensland. In recent years,  prolonged  heat waves in Adelaide, South Australia. Bushfires in the southern part of the Continent and floods in the North…. In the northern hemisphere, cold [...]

Water and Religion

Cleansing by water throughout the ages and within the different faiths. Baptism - a pre Christian history Pre-Christian Religions The practice of baptism in pagan religions seems to have been based on a belief in the purifying properties of water. In ancient Babylon, according to the Tablets of Maklu, water was important as a spiritual [...]

Passion Sunday Year B

These photos were taken by Jessica Blair during the Passion Sunday Service here at Christ our Hope Community, 29/03/2015. Opening Prayer Crucified God, in Jesus your Son you have shown us that your way is the way of loving service and the willingness to pay the price for faithfulness and unswerving love. Give us the attitude of Jesus, [...]

The Last week of Jesus’ Life

The Last week of Jesus’ Life, from the sixth Sunday of Easter or Passion Sunday through to this coming Friday we commemorate the last week in Jesus’ life. Both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, with the Anglo-Catholic church and some Protestant Churches refer to this period in the Church Year as Holy Week. During this time our [...]

Fourth Sunday of Lent 2015 (Laetare Sunday) Homily

Fourth Sunday of Lent Readings 2 Chronicles 36:14-16,19-23;Ephesians 2:4-10;John 3:14-21 In this first reading, the author is writing about the defeat of the Hebrews at the hands of the Babylonians. Jerusalem was destroyed, those who survived were deported to Babylon as slaves, and, the final degradation, Solomon’s temple was burned. As the historian writes about [...]