Post Episcopal Ordination

epbustSince becoming Bishop, some folk have been asking, “ What will we call you ? “

My reply, “Call me Peter!”

It is very tempting – as a member of the ‘Church Hierarchy’ – to get a bit carried away with Clerical Titles, to such an extent that the title ITSELF defines WHO a person is !

I remind myself ( as I flick through any given list of Clerics, from ‘The Right Reverends’ to ‘The Most Reverends’) that I am called to SERVE the People of God, not the other way round. Therefore, any so-called Clerical Title should reflect the ‘servant’ model of Christian Leadership.

True, there is a need to refer to certain personages by their correct and proper ‘title’- out of a sense of respect for the OFFICE. However, I should never forget that it is JESUS, the One who came to SERVE and NOT BE SERVED, who gives the accolade – the CROSS !


Letters of Ordination and Mandate to Officiate


2 thoughts on “Post Episcopal Ordination

  1. I like your posting +Peter, simply because you are humble, and we are called to be humble, servants… Too many Bishops ‘love’ being called ‘Your Grace’, “Archbishop” etc etc… this sadly puts what their true colours are, and that it ‘to be seen, placing them on a Pedestal’, seeking glory! I am not saying All Bishops are like that, but there are those out there who are like this.

    You have stayed true to yourself, and for that i love that, stay as you are, humble and down to earth, and by this shall ye be known by thy fruits!

    Br Simeon efo


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