Anniversary of Ministry

Peter's first Mass Francis Street East Sydney 2003

My First Eucharist The Pro-cathedral of St. John the Beloved and St. Mary Magdalene Riley Street East Sydney

Ordination Card. July 5, 2013, marks a decade (or as one smart friend remarked, a “decayed”) since I was ordained Priest in the Service of the People of God.

Looking back and reflecting upon those 10 years of Ministry, has me doing a quick mental exercise:

What on earth have I done for Christ’s sake!?

How have I gone !?  Would I do anything differently if I had the chance to “undo” and “re-do”?

Of course, the THINGS I did like officiate at Weddings, Funerals, Christenings, Liturgies and participation in inter-Faith Community Gatherings, come readily to mind.

But then I think about the PEOPLE whose lives I touched – times of healing…times of grief…times of listening on the other end of the phone or over a cup of coffee.

Then there were the “dark nights of the SOUL” where I came close to chucking it all in: “Too hard, Lord… you’ve got the wrong bloke here…!!”

Times of frustration, disappointment, anger, hopelessness – yes, I got pretty “low” at times… personal and family issues were confronted !

Yet, all the while, the DIVINE ONE was whispering (if I cared enough to listen) – present – despite my protestations, navel gazing, the journey through the valleys and by-ways, and the ups and downs of Ministry!

I find myself giving thanks for … “…God’s grace is sufficient for me… (2Cor.12)