Waiting – yes I know it’s May


It has been an interesting experience walking through my local shopping complex, in recent months.

Weeks ago – as far back as October – there appeared, in one of the Supermarkets, shelf upon shelf, aisle upon aisle of Christmas fare.

You name it, it was there – hams…puddings…tarts…Christmas Chocolates… and so on it went; every nook and cranny groaning with every conceivable bright and shiny, colourful packet, tin or packaged goody!

And the Christmas decorations – tinsel, plastic trinkets and more – begged to be plucked from their cluttered homes.

In fact, I could have easily eaten Christmas Dinner AND decorated my Montery apartment well before Yuletide had even begun!!!

But alas … I had second thoughts and did no such thing despite the temptation.

And why ?

I felt the need to SAVOUR the moment and not be caught up in the HYPE of pre-season festivities.

There’s an enormous “impatience” in getting things out, over, done and dusted well BEFORE any significant event, these days. It’s all part of the marketing strategy, I guess: Easter Eggs are on the shelves after December…Poppies are worn weeks before the November Commemoration (British Media Commentators had something to say about this in October !)


First Sunday in Advent

Celebrating the “mystery” of it all is part of the joy I get from WAITING in QUIETNESS for the season to present itself at the “right” time.

Call me “old school” but ADVENT reminds me of that “mystery…”