saharbennett-magpie5smFor the past couple of months, two magpies (native Australian birds) have taken up residence in my street somewhere close to where I live.

Initially, I was a bit concerned: these defensive creatures have a unique way of protecting their young (when they are nesting); in fact, on some suburban pathways, signs are erected thus:


To my amazement, however, these two “love birds” have not displayed the aggressive behaviour I assumed they would exhibit; quite the contrary: our feathered friends have simple made themselves “at home”, flitting here, swooping there, carolling and chirping away, digging for bugs and grubs, at various times of the day.

I was so entranced and mesmerised by them that I felt the need to capture the “blessed moment” on “maggy-camera “….

As a member of the human race, I sometimes allow myself to think (and act) negatively about others; I pre-judge them thus disallowing myself to open up to the possibility of allowing them to show their authentic uniqueness.

I believe in a “ God of Surprises “;  yes, a God who recognises my giftedness, my talents; for this God calls me into relationship – warts and all ! However, if I am to grow into an authentic human being I was meant to be and created to be, I need to “let go” and “be” – for others !

Do we allow others to sing their songs of beauty to us ?