Leadership  –  we have been hearing quite a bit about it lately …. from National and International Politicians (who argue over who has the better Economic Policy or who is best “to run the show”) … from our various National Sports Organisations (who argue about “salary caps” or who vie for prime media time to massage their winners’ ego’s with more and more financial incentives) …. from Big Business (who argue that they are being taxed too much) …. and so it goes on ….

It is difficult to be a leader in these times.

Unique challenges are presented to such a one who “puts up their hand” !

I’ve been thinking about what qualities are brought to “good” leadership:

L oyalty (to those who are being led)

E mpathy

A ttentiveness (to the opinions/input of ideas of others)

D ecisiveness (decision making)

R ationality

S  ounding board for/of others

H umility (being of service to/of others)

I ndependence (of thought/judgment)

P ermission to make mistakes and errors)

Some grow “into” leadership; others are “natural” or “born” leaders; still, others  “struggle”…

And leadership requires loyalty from those who are being led – not “blind” obedience – but support.

We often hear about “leadership teams”; however, I worry at times that such “teams” can tend to belittle the role of “good” leadership who cannot afford to “hide behind” others in their “team” !

I taught at a School – some time ago – which had as its motto “Deo Duce” (roughly translated, “with God as our Leader”. The Holy Scriptures of the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) speak of such Divine Leadership in terms of “….Shepherding the vulnerable….Serving the poorest of The Poor….being Compassionate and Merciful….”

Perhaps we need to reflect a little more of this kind of Leadership in our personal, family, local community, national and international affairs….

Bishop Peter