Of cats and men


Some two or three months ago, a 6 week old kitten arrived unexpectedly on the front door step of my friend’s place.

The tiny grey-furred feline looked as if it needed a good feed and from that moment onwards, “Doodles” became a regular visitor.

However, over the weeks, the little inquisitive guest would “disappear” but then return just as quickly (usually around the same time he expected to be fed).

My friend, curious as to why Doodles took advantage of his hospitality, decided that it might be better to re-locate the vulnerable kitten to the walled back garden where it would be “safer”, still able to scale the wall via the easy-to-climb tree planted next to it, and still able to enjoy the “outside freedom” such a change  provided.

In fact, the now ever-growing “mini cat” would now wander off for shorter periods of time.

All this time, of course, larger cats (from the next door neighbour’s) had been “keeping an eye” on Doodles’ food bowl and so (albeit reluctantly) my concerned friend “allowed” Doodles inside his home  – but only JUST inside the rear sliding door leading from the walled garden area. Naturally, doodles literally jumped at the opportunity to explore even more of the strange world in which humans exist !

As I write Doodles has grown somewhat and so has the relationship (the friendship) between owner and adoptee !

I share this tale (pardon the pun) because I am reminded of my own growing relationships with others: do I allow them ”freedom” to be themselves – unconditionally? Am I able to “let  go” and allow my relationships to “grow in freedom”?

I am reminded of the words of the One who gave me Divine Freedom :

”…I have come that you may have life, life to the full”

Bishop Peter