The winter of our discontent

The Bard, William Shakespeare, reveals the inner connivings of one of his most hated characters in the opening lines of “ Richard III” . “Now is the winter of our discontent” Politics aside, the “mid-winter blues” can have a similar effect: introspection.

Anniversary of Ministry

Ordination Card. July 5, 2013, marks a decade (or as one smart friend remarked, a “decayed”) since I was ordained Priest in the Service of the People of God. Looking back and reflecting upon those 10 years of Ministry, has me doing a quick mental exercise: What on earth have I done for Christ’s sake!? [...]


I have , on my desk, a “Religious Diary”.  It has the usual features found in any desk diary : days/dates/important public holidays/  commemorations and so on. This month, as with all other months, marks certain Days of Celebration for each of the major Faith Traditions (Christian/Jewish/Muslim), including Anniversaries for each of the Christian Faith Communities, [...]

Light and time

On the first Sunday in the month of October, clocks are turned back one hour across most of Australia. It’s called Daylight Saving (or, as someone remarked, “daylight savings “). This time of the year is invariably referred to as “Summer Time” or “Summer Daylight Time” (as opposed to “Eastern Standard Time”) Australia has 6 [...]


My Dad, when he was still living amongst us, set aside space on a section of wall – downstairs in the former family home’s rumpus room – dedicated to family and friends who had passed away. He would diligently place upon a simple “rack” photos and/or funeral memorial cards from the past. It was a [...]

Waiting – yes I know it’s May

It has been an interesting experience walking through my local shopping complex, in recent months. Weeks ago – as far back as October – there appeared, in one of the Supermarkets, shelf upon shelf, aisle upon aisle of Christmas fare. You name it, it was there – hams…puddings…tarts…Christmas Chocolates… and so on it went; every [...]

The 10th Anniversary- Reminiscing

The 10th Anniversary of the Founding of Christ Our Hope Community Sydney Ten Years ago, around the end of November 2003, a group of us, under the spiritual direction of Archbishop Ron Langham, formed what would be become the present Community of Christ our Hope. Riley Street, Surry Hills (a high density Inner City of [...]

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul…”

(Hebrews 6:19) Our logo has, as its centre piece, an ANCHOR. When we first kicked off as a small fledgling group way back in 2003, we searched for a symbol which might reflect who we were and who we were serving … The anchor had immediate appeal because – 1.  it spoke of our “planting” [...]

Post Episcopal Ordination

Since becoming Bishop, some folk have been asking, “ What will we call you ? “ My reply, “Call me Peter!” It is very tempting – as a member of the ‘Church Hierarchy’ – to get a bit carried away with Clerical Titles, to such an extent that the title ITSELF defines WHO a person [...]