Celtic Saints of the day 31st October

St. Foillan of Fosses, Abbot (Faillan) Brother of Saint Fursey of Peronne and Saint Ultan of Péronne. Travelled with them from Ireland to East Anglia, England c.630 where they worked as missionaries, and established the monastery of Burgh Castle near Yarmouth. Abbot of the community at Cnoberesburg, Suffolk, England in the 640s, a house founded [...]

Saint of the Day 31st October -2015

St. Wolfgang of Regensburg Saturday, October 31, 2015 Lived(c. 924-994) | Feast Day: Saturday, October 31, 2015 Bishop of Ratisbon (972-994), born about 934; died at the village of Pupping in upper Austria, 31 October, 994. The name Wolfgang is of early German origin. St. Wolfgang was one of the three brilliant stars of the [...]

Celtic Saint of the Day – October 28th

St. Dorbheneus, Abbot of Iona - no records St. Eadsin of Canterbury who crowned saint Edward the confessor (Eadsige, Eadsine) Saint Eadsige, known as the bishop of St. Martin's, was promoted to the see of Canterbury shortly after the death of Ethelnoth. Some obscurity exists about the period at which the church of St. Martin's [...]

Celtic saint of the Day- 24th October

St. Maglorius of Wales St. Cadfarch of Wales 6th century. A Welsh saint, disciple of Saint Illtyd (f.d.November 6), and member of a family of saints. He is said to have founded churches at Penegoes and Abererch (Benedictines). St. Fromundus of Coutances Died c. 690. Irish monk, abbot, missionary, and then bishop of Coutances (Benedictines).2 [...]

Saint of the day October 21st- St. Hilarion

Statue created - c.1662-1667 The statue is part of the group of 24 that were installed between September 1662 and March 1667. Sculptor - unknown The work is not attributable to any other sculptors who made statues for this area. The quality, above mediocre, is akin to two other statues in this area - St [...]

Celtic Saints of the day 15th October

St. Ethelric of Durham Æthelric (or Ethelric; died 1072) was Bishop of Durham from 1041 to 1056 when he resigned. Æthelric was a monk at Peterborough Abbey before Bishop Eadmund of Durham brought him to Durham to instruct the Durham monks in monastic life. Æthelric was consecrated as bishop on 11 January 1041 at York. [...]