Celtic saint of the day 29th November

St. Brendan of Birr Died c. 562. Breandan is Gaelic for Prince. Born into the family of Fergus MacRoy, Saint Brendan of Birr a contemporary of Saint Brendan the Voyager (f.d. May 16), and his fellow-disciple under Saint Finian (f.d. December 12) at Clonard Abbey. An ancient, but incomplete, manuscript says that the 12 apostles [...]

Fix Your Gaze on Jesus

Let us never tire of seeking the Lord—of letting ourselves be sought by him—of tending over our relationship with him in silence and prayerful listening. Let us keep our gaze fixed on him, the center of time and history; let us make room for his presence within us. -from The Spirit of Saint Francis

Celtic Saint of the Day Nov 26th

was the greatest of the Irish missionaries who worked on the European continent. As a young man who was greatly tormented by temptations of the flesh, he sought the advice of a religious woman who had lived a hermit’s life for years. He saw in her answer a call to leave the world. He went first to a monk on an island in Lough Erne, then to the great monastic seat of learning at Bangor.

Saint of the day 16th November

By Kjetil Bjørnsrud New york (Own work)   Margaret of Scotland was a truly liberated woman in the sense that she was free to be herself. For her, that meant freedom to love God and serve others. Not Scottish by birth, Margaret was the daughter of Princess Agatha of Hungary and the Anglo-Saxon Prince Edward [...]

Celtic saint of the day 12th November

This holy king succeeded his father, Cadwallon ab Cadvan, about 634 A.D., and was the last Welsh king to have sovereignty over all Britain. The Mediaeval "Chronicles of the Princes" of Wales opens with the end of this King's reign.

Saint of the Day 12th November

St. Josaphat Kuncevyc Martyr, born in the little town of Volodymyr in Lithuania (Volyn) in 1580 or — according to some writers — 1584; died at Vitebsk, Russia, 12 November, 1623. The saint's birth occurred in a gloomy period for the Ruthenian Church. Even as early as the beginning of the sixteenth century the Florentine [...]

Celtic saint of the day – St. Elaeth the Poet

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Today (10 November) we commemorate St. Elaeth (Eleth, misspelled Eleath) the Poet (6th C).
S. ELAETH, King, Confessor
ELAETH, king, saint, and bard, was the son of Meurig ab Idno, of the race of Coel Hen, by Onen Greg (“Ash-tree the Hoarse”), daughter of Gwallog ab Lleenog, one of the three “Battle-pillars of Britain.” Gwallog is sometimes also given as father of Dwywai, wife of Dunawd.
Elaeth Frenin [Elaeth the king] seems to have been in the earlier part of his life king or chieftain of a district somewhere in the north of England, but having been overpowered by his enemies, and having lost his territory, he sought refuge in Anglesey, and became a Saint or monk of Bangor Seiriol at Penmon. Whilst there he founded the church of Llan Elaeth Frenin, now known as Amlwch, in that island.
His Holy Well there, Ffynnon Elaeth…

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