Celtic saints of the day 14th December


Gwinear Church


Ss. Fingar & Phiala of Cornwall









St. Hybald’s church, Ashby de la Launde


St. Hybald of Bardney   Orthodox Feast day 14th December





All Saints of Lincolnshire

For all that Lincolnshire seems to be a pretty out of the way place, as far as Orthodox Christianity is concerned, it was once a hub of activity and holiness. There are at least 101 Orthodox Saints closely associated with Lincolnshire. One could add many others who passed through (several of them giving their names to places on the way; for example St. Helen who found the Holy Cross and her son St. Constantine who passed this way having become Emperor in York. This is who they are:

St. Oswald (d. 642), St. Ostrythe, St. Ailred (Ethelred) (d. 716), St. Werburgh, Abbess (About 785), St. Chad (d. 672), St. Botolph (d 680), St. Adulph 680

St. Simon the Zealot, St. Guthlac 673- 714, St. Pega (St. Pea) 719, St. Bertram (8th century), St. Cissa (8th century). St. Etheldritha (Alfreda) (835) Sts. Theodore (Abbot), Askega (Prior), Swethin (Subprior), Elfgete (deacon), Sabinus (Subdeacon), Grimkell, Agamund (Centenarians), Herbert, (Chanter) Egred, Ulric (Servers), St. Egelred and seventy companions 870. St. Thurketyl (887-975) St. Helen and St. Constantine, St. Hibald (d. 690), St. Paulinus (d. 644), St. Herefrid (d. 747), St. Aethelheard, St. Elwin (Aethelwine), St. Aldwyn (5c),St. Edilhun and St. Egbert, St. Erkenwald (693), St. Werburgh 700, St. Werburg of Mercia 785.

Holy Father and Mothers of Lincolnshire Pray to God for us!

TROPARION to All the Saints of Lincolnshire
Tone 8
As the bountiful harvest of your sowing of salvation, the county of Lincolnshire offers to you, Lord, all the saints who have shone in these lands. By their prayers, keep the church and our land in abiding peace
through the Theotokos, O most merciful one.

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