Saint of the day 24th February

Blessed Luke Belludi

Blessed Luke Belludi, Blessed Luc Belludi, Priest, religious of the Franciscan 1st Order, d. 1286

Feast Day – February 17, Franciscan calendar, 24th Universal Calendar

When St Anthony in his apostolic zeal was occupied in reforming the inhabitants of Padua, a young man presented himself to him and humbly begged for the habit of the Friars Minor. This was in the year 1220.

Luke Belludi – such was the name of the young aspirant – belonging to one of the noblest families of Padua, had received a brilliant education. Far from imitating the usual conduct of his fellow students at the university, he kept to himself and employed his leisure hours in useful and holy occupations. St Anthony, who had discovered that Luke had a pure and humble soul, joined with a well-cultivated and talented mind, gladly recommended him to St Francis, who received him personally into the order…..

Source: Blessed Luke Belludi