No Expectations

Judge not – it’s so easy to – listen for that still small voice because God will whisper to you too….



There are times when hearing God whisper takes me by surprise. While walking from my car to church last night, God whispered, “no expectations.”

I usually arrive early to read or have a chance to visit with people I know or perhaps meet a new guest. As always, Toni brightened my day with her God-graced attitude!

“No expectations.”

I walked around thinking about that while at the same time, trying to have no expectations. Was God asking me to let go of what I expected church to be and just experience those moments?

In previous posts, I mentioned our new pastor, Matt. Pastor Matt titled his message last night, “Open Door.”

I participated in and enjoyed the praise and worship music. I settled in my usual seat for the message and to hear God’s Word.

The first scripture reference Pastor Matt used was from Matthew 22: 35-40. I’m sure most of us…

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