3 saints who probably had learning disabilities-Aleteia

Philip Kosloski June 28, 2016 In her book, The Shepherd Who Didn’t Run, on the life of Fr. Stanley Rother, America’s first declared martyr, María Ruiz Scaperlanda details how poor scholarship, possibly stemming from a learning disability, almost derailed Rother’s ordination. Recently Aleteia featured a prayer for struggling students to Saint Joseph Cupertino, another famously [...]

saint of the Day 26th june

Blessed Raymond Lull   Lived: (1235-1315) | Feast Day: Thursday, June 30, 2016 Raymond worked all his life to promote the missions and died a missionary to North Africa. Raymond was born at Palma on the island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea. He earned a position in the king’s court there. One day a [...]

Saint of the Day 25th June

Blessed Jutta of Thuringia     Lived: (d. 1264?) | Feast Day: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 Today's patroness of Prussia began her life amidst luxury and power but died the death of a simple servant of the poor. In truth, virtue and piety were always of prime importance to Jutta and her husband, both of [...]

Bishop Johnson – St Thomas More.

Bishop Johnson's Facebook Page "I think that when statesmen forsake their own private conscience for the sake of their public duties, they lead their country by a short route to chaos." St. Thomas More Source: Bishop Johnson - Bishop Johnson shared Roaming Catholics's photo.

Celtic and Old English Saints – 20th June

St. Fillan of Munster, Missionary to Loch Earn, Scotland(Foelan, Foellan, Foilan, Foillan, Fulan) Early 8th century; in Ireland his feast is celebrated on January 9. (And in some places January 19. ) The Irish Fillan, son of Feriach, grandson of King Ceallach of Leinster, received the monastic habit in the abbey of Saint Fintan Munnu. [...]

Celtic and Old English Saints – 17 June

St. Nectan of Hartland, Martyr (Nighton) 6th century. The Welsh saint Nectan has always been venerated as a martyr killed by robbers, although we have no details about his life. He is the patron of Hartland, Devonshire, which is near the site of his hermitage. The fullest surviving vita dates only to the 12th century [...]

Celtic saints of the day 14th June

#St. Brendan the Navigator St. Cearan the Devout St. Dogmae St. Cearan the Devout St. Dogmael of Pembroke St. Nennus of the Isle of Arran #St. Psalmodius of Limoges All of these saints have their lives recorded at the website of Celtic and Old English Saints which has little information for us today. On St brendan [...]

Saint of the day 20th June

St. Paulinus, Bishop of Nola (Pontius Meropius Anicius Paulinus). Born at Bordeaux about 354; died 22 June, 431. He sprang from a distinguished family of Aquitania and his education was entrusted to the poet Ausonius. He became governor of the Province of Campania, but he soon realized that he could not find in public life [...]

Saint of the Day 19th June

JUNE 19 IS THE DAY WE REMEMBER VENERABLE MATT TALBOT JUNE 19, 2013 “Never be too hard on the man who can’t give up drink. It’s as hard to give up the drink as it is to raise the dead to life again. But both are possible and even easy for Our Lord. We have only [...]