Celtic and Old English Saints – 20th June

St. Fillan of Munster, Missionary to Loch Earn, Scotland(Foelan, Foellan, Foilan, Foillan, Fulan)

Early 8th century; in Ireland his feast is celebrated on January 9. (And in some places January 19. )

Outer Coating of st Fillians Crozier

Outer casing of St Fillan’s Crozier – National Museum of Alba.

The Irish Fillan, son of Feriach, grandson of King Ceallach of Leinster, received the monastic habit in the abbey of Saint Fintan Munnu. Then he accompanied his mother, Saint Kentigerna, and his uncle, Saint Comgan, to Scotland, where he became a missionary monk. He was perhaps a monk at Taghmon in Wexford and a hermit at Pittenweem, Fife, before being chosen as abbot of the nearby monastery, which he governed for some years. He retired to Glendochart in Perthshire, where he lived a solitary life and built a church. There he died and was buried at the place now called Strathfillan in his honour. Until the early 19th century, the mentally ill were dipped into the pool here and then left all night, restrained, in a corner of Fillan’s ruined chapel. If they were found loose the next morning, they were considered cured. [continues]

Source: Celtic and Old English Saints – 20 June