Holy Trinity -Photos

It seems sometime ago now that Bishop Peter and Fr Greg were invited to attend the Community of our Lady of Advent in their, then, home with MCC Good Shepherd in Granville. ( The Anglican Community of Our Lady of Advent – Guildford(Facebook)

Bishop Peter’s partner Graham and their long time friend Rev Br Andrew Blair Efo, of the Blue Mountain Franciscan Church accompanied them for what was a refreshingly different Anglican experience.

Bishop said that he would not preach on the Trinity persay as doctrine but rather would speak about US the church.

Here, finally are three of the photos taken on the day.

Bishop Peter Johnson ,Rev Thomas Peacock , Fr John Gumbley, Fr Greg Horn, Pastor Andrew Blair Efo, Robin Hutcheon- Pastoral Assistant
Fr Greg Horn, Bishop Peter Johnson, Pastor Andrew Blair Efo, Fr John Gumbley,Suzanna Sacristan


Fr Greg Horn, Bishop Peter Johnson , Pastor Andrew Blair Efo