St. Peter Chrysologus-30th July

St. Peter Chrysologus

San Pedro Crisólogo

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lived(406-450?) | Feast Day: Saturday, July 30, 2016


Born at Imola, 406; died there, 450. His biography, first written by Agnellus (Liber pontificalis ecclesiæRavennatis) in the ninth century, gives but scanty information about him. He was baptised, educated, andordained deacon by Cornelius, Bishop of Imola, and was elevated to the Bishopric of Ravenna in 433. There are indications that Ravenna held the rank of metropolitan before this time. His piety and zeal won for himuniversal admiration, and his oratory merited for him the name Chrysologus. He shared the confidence of Leo the Great and enjoyed the patronage of the Empress Galla Placidia. After his condemnation by the Synod ofConstantinople (448), the Monophysite Eutyches endeavoured to win the support of Peter, but without success.

A collection of his homilies, numbering 176, [More]


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