Depression, PTSD, & Yom Kippur

Yesterday in Australia

October 11, 2016

There has been something bugging me all day today. This  blog has been percolating so to speak for a few days now and today a new twist was added. At the Estes Park Interfaith Alliance meeting today we were talking about how we could support the growing refugee population in Colorado.  We also, frankly talked about the tenor of division, hate, and fear dividing this country as the elections draw closer. My own heart has been increasingly heavy as I watch the foulness spewed on the pages of Social Media and around the country.

To be honest, it has made it a real struggle at times to stay engaged. I know depression personally and recognize its symptoms. PTSD is a familiar companion as well. They might not be as serious as what others deal with on a daily basis, but they are real. I am also seeing the symptoms screaming out from victims of sexual assault as they react to comments made by one of the candidates for President of the United States. I know those women personally in a way… I have counseled them… I have walked with them through the valley of the shadows… in some way, I carry a small fraction of their pain… So yes, I am fighting that depression and that hopelessness… I am seeing the pain all over again that was in my office for so many years in counseling…

A friend of mine posted a prayer on his Facebook page… that prayer reminded me that today is Yom Kippur…

Source: Depression, PTSD, & Yom Kippur