Time to Repent | The Life Project

Time to Repent Posted by Don Merritt on November 30, 2016 Joel 2: 12-17 This text falls into three parts as we will see, but more than that, it is the challenge that faces every human being alive today, for as you recall this chapter is in a context of Final Judgment. Each person at [...]

The Day of the Lord is Great | The Life Project

The Day of the Lord is Great Posted by Don Merritt on November 29, 2016 Joel 2:1-11 In the first chapter Joel described the plague of locusts that had devastated the land that was supposed to flow with milk and honey; it was the present national crisis before the people of Joel’s day. In this section, [...]

The Day of the Lord | The Life Project

The Day of the Lord Posted by Don Merritt on November 28, 2016 Joel 1 As Joel’s account opens, there is disaster in the land in the form of an invasion of locusts. They have destroyed everything in their path that grows; crops in the fields, grain in the barns; everything. The situation is dire indeed. [...]

Celtic – St. Tugdual of Brittany-30 November 2016

 Also commemorated 1 December Tugdual - pron. TOO-dwahl The relics of Saint Ives and Tudwal in a procession at the gate of Tréguier Cathedral in 2005, Saint Tudwal Died~564 AD Venerated in:  Orthodox Catholic Church Roman Catholic Church Anglican Communion True Orthodox Church Feast 30 November/1 December-Attributes  bishop holding a dragon Died c. 564. One of [...]

Saint Andrew, Apostle & Martyr 30 November 2016

Saint of the day St. Andrew St Andrew's Life The Crucifixion of Saint Andrew the Apostle St Andrew the First Called - Painting of the calling of St Peter and St. Andrew by Duccio di Buoninsegna Saint Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus. He was the younger brother of Saint Peter and was born [...]

Celtic-Saint Sadwen, Hermit of Wales 29 November 2016

 November 29 is the Commemoration of Saint Sadwen, Hermit of Wales Saint Sadwen, also known as Sadwrn Farchog of Llansadwrn, was a sixth century hermit, the brother of Saint Illtyd, and a disciple of Saint Cadfan.. Several Welsh churches are dedicated to him. Troparion (tone 8): The remoteness of the Welsh mountains was thy desert, [...]

Celtic Advent -St. Fionnchu of Bangor- 28 November 2016

  Celtic  Advent St. Fionnchu   November 28th St. Fionnchu of Bangor I struggled with how to approach this saint.  He was really the only Celtic Saint with this day, and I found I didn't really like him very much.  So how could I derive something helpful from narrating about his life?  Let's see where [...]

Saint Clement Ist 29 November 2016

Saint Clement I Saint of the Day for November 29 (d. 101, or 99  according to other sources 1.) Pope Clement I (called CLEMENS ROMANUS to distinguish him from the Alexandrian), is the first of the successors of St. Peter of whom anything definite is known, and he is the first of the "Apostolic Fathers". [...]

A Brief Introduction to Joel | The Life Project

A Brief Introduction to Joel Posted by Don Merritt on November 28, 2016 The Prophet Joel has been called “the prophet of Pentecost”, “the prophet of hopefulness” and the “the prophet of the Spirit”, yet in spite of these nicknames, little is actually known about him as a man. In fact, there is a very great [...]

celtic -St. Fergus of Glamis-27th November 2016

St. Fergus of Glamis  27 November Died after 721; feast formerly on November 18. An Irish bishop, possibly of Downpatrick, and surnamed "the Pict," he went to Scotland as a missionary and preached in Caithness, Buchan (where there is a town called Saint Fergus), and Forfarshire. In Strogeth he founded three churches; in Caithness, two [...]