Omnium Sanctorum Hiberniae: Saint Erc of Slane, November 2


Sunday, 2 November 2014

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Omnium Sanctorum Hiberniae is dedicated to the saints of Ireland. The feast days of the saints are those recorded in the historic Irish calendars. These are not in every case the dates on which they are commemorated in the Church today.
O’Hanlon’s Lives of the Irish Saints
One of the major sources used at this blog is the nine-volume Lives of the Irish Saints by John, Canon O’Hanlon (1821-1905). It is a work in the public domain and available through the Internet Archive. A post on the life and work of the ‘Irish Bollandist’ can be read here.

Saint Erc of Slane, November 2

November 2 is the feast of Saint Erc (Erk, Herc) of Slane, County Meath, a saint who features in the hagiography of Saint Patrick. In the account below, taken from his diocesan history of Meath, Father Anthony Cogan gives us the story of the saint’s life beginning with a summary of the famous episode of the kindling of the Paschal Fire at Slane. Saint Erc is a particularly attractive figure as he straddles both the old world of pre-Christian Ireland and the new Christian world of Saint Patrick:

The first ecclesiastical notice we have of Slane is the kindling of the Paschal fire by St. Patrick on its hill, within view of the palace of Tara. This fact is noticed in all the lives of St. Patrick, and we take the following condensed report from Dr. Lanigan’s Ecclesiastical History [Vol. i., pp. 222, 223, 224]:

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Source: Omnium Sanctorum Hiberniae: Saint Erc of Slane, November 2

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I am an Irishwoman interested in the lives of our native saints. I am not a professional scholar in this field but attempt to keep up with the work of those who are. I am particularly interested in the many obscure Irish saints whose names fill the pages of our Martyrologies.