St Charles Borromeo 4th November


Life of St Charles Borromeo | St Charles’ Seminary

St Charles Borromeo was born on the 2nd of October 1538 in the northern Italian region of Arona and was the fourth of eight children. His father Giberto Borromeo was a wealthy, pious man who maintained a strong political standing with the kings of Spain and France. He was given the title of Count of Arona in 1536 by Emperor Charles V and appointed senator and later on governor in 1550. His mother Margherita, daughter of Bernadino Medici, devoted her life to her family but died very young.

Borromeo’s ecclesiastical career began at a rather young age. At seven years of age he received the tonsure and cassock. At the age of ten he was sent to Milan to pursue classical studies and at fourteen his father sent him to the University of Pavia to study Law. The years he spent studying were difficult. He was in debt and penniless since his father refused to send him any money and he was refused permission to return home due to family problems. He was even excommunicated by his Bishop for studying Law without a permit as a young cleric. It was during these times that his only consolation came from his uncle Angelo Medici who encouraged him and sought to assist him financially.[link]