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November 11, 2016

I had “Chapter Ten” all put to bed last night.  Save myself a bit of time this morning.  Busy day today.   And then He went and got in the way again!  He showed me a different Part Ten.  One that is right for today.   If I was “studying” the bible I would get a little hacked off with that – all that “work” I did yesterday – all that (MY) time!

And as I write that I am reminded (He ever do this to you?) of all the times he went “God O’Clock” on me.  When “that to-do list” was way longer than the time I had available to do it all – and it wasn’t going to happen.  And then “HE” came and interrupted – and asked me to do something else.  More God stuff!   And I was fuming.   And I told Him there and then: “You make all this to-do-list happen then – I can’t!” (you ever do that to Him?).   And He did.  He…

[ now everyone – you go through here and read this because it is sooo good]

Source: Unconditional Love – (X : the “other one”) | Church Set Free

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