Celtic  -St. Dyfrig of Caerleon- 14th November

St. Dyfrig of Caerleon

He was born at Moccas (Moch Rhos = Pig’s Heath), near Hereford; died c. 545. Some old genealogies show Dyfrig as the great-great-grandson of Macsen Wledig and Elen of the Ways. Saint Dyfrig was an important church leader, a monk, in southeast Wales and western Herefordshire. His earliest foundation was Ariconium (Archenfield, Hereford), but his most important centres were at Hentland (Henllan) and Moccas in the Wye valley. Dyfrig attracted numerous disciples to the two monasteries, and from them founded many other monasteries and churches.

He was associated with Saint Illtyd (f.d. November 6) and, according to the 7th-century “vita” of Saint Samson, with the island of Caldey for whose monastery he appointed Saint Samson (f.d. July 28) abbot. Later he consecrated Samson bishop. An ancient, but incomplete, inscription at Caldey reads “Magl Dubr” (“the tonsured servant of Dubricius”).

Dyfrig and Saint Deinol (Daniel; f.d. September 11) were the two prelates who convinced Saint David (f.d. March 1) to attend the synod of Brefi. Dyfrig spent the last years of his life at Ynys Enlli (Bardsey) and died [there.]

Source: Celtic and Old English Saints – 14 November