Celtic-St. Mawes of Brittany-November 18th 2016

St. Mawes of Brittany


Église Sainte-Croix (La Croix-Helléan) : vitrail ( Saint-Maudez) Church of the Holy Cross (La Croix-Helléan)

Died 6th century. The lives of the 6th century Irish saints frequently contain startling elements, and that of Saint Mawes is no exception. Even his birth was remarkable. His mother was called Azenor and lived in Brittany. One day she was thrown into the sea near Brest, with only a barrel for a boat. There Mawes was born. Mother and son stayed in the cask for five months, till they were washed up alive on the coast of Ireland.

(This is the same birth story as Saint Budoc (Beuzec; f.d. December 8). Budoc’s name is associated with Mawes, no doubt they were both missionary monks of Welsh origin, who founded monasteries in Cornwall and Brittany, perhaps at Dol.)

He moved from Ireland as an adult to live as a hermit near Falmouth in Cornwall, thus founding a fishing village of which he is the patron. Then, in the days of King Childbert I, Saint Mawes decided to return to the land of his mother. On his way to Brittany, he visited Devon and Cornwall, preaching outdoors and founding a town on the River Fal named after him.[more]