Celtic -St. Paulinus of Wales 23 November

St Pol, as represented in the parish church of Saint-Thegonnec, Brittany.

St. Paulinus of Wales

(also known as Polin, Pewlin, Paulhen)

Died c. 505. A Welsh abbot, pupil of Saint Illtyd, Paulinus is possibly the founder of the monastery of Whitland (Caermarthen), where he had among his disciples Saint David and Saint Teilo (Benedictines).
Source: Celtic and Old English Saints – 23 November

From wikipedia:

G. H. Doble thought Saint Paul Aurelian might be the same as Saint Paulinus of Wales,[2] revered in Carmarthenshire, southwest Wales as a hermit and teacher at a place usually identified as Whitland. Hywel David Emanuel considered the identification of Paul Aurelian with the Carmarthenshire Paulinus as doubtful.[3]

In Rhygyfarch’s Life of S. David (chapter x), Saint David is stated to have completed his education under S. Paulinus (Paulens), who is described as a “scribe, a disciple of S. Germanus the bishop”. When Paulinus became blind, David is said to have miraculously restored his sight.[3]

Paulinus of Wales founded churches and chapels around Llandovery. He is said to have taught Saint Teilo and to have nominated David to speak at the Synod of Llanddewi Brefi(in around 545). Claims to having founded the church at Paul are dubious.

A 6th century inscribed stone found at Caeo in Carmarthenshire, now in the Carmarthen Museum, appears to honour him as “preserver of the faith, constant lover of his country, champion of righteousness”. His feast day is 23 November. [3]

Source: Paulinus of Wales

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