Celtic – St. Teilo of Llandaff – 25 November 2016

Very old statue of St Thelo Daoulas

Very old statue of St Thelo Daoulas

Saint Teilo is remembered on 25 November in Brittany. In Wales his feast day is 9 February.1

**Born near Penally by Tenby, Pembrokeshire; died c. 580. There is plenty
of evidence, both documentary and from place names and dedications, that
Saint Teilo was widely venerated in southern Wales and Brittany. (His
name may be spelled Teilio, Teilus, Thelian, Teilan, Teilou, Teliou,
Elidius, Eliud, Dillo, or Dillon.) He was undoubtedly an influential
churchman, whose principal monastic foundation and centre of ministry
was Llandeilo Fawr in Carmarthenshire.

Some facts are fairly certain. Teilo was educated under Saint Dyfrig
(Dubricius; f.d. November 14) and a Paulinus, possibly Paul Aurelian
(f.d. March 12) through whom he met Saint David (Dewi).In his school
days, his fellows had suggested that his name was derived from the Greek
word for the sun and there is no doubt that in his later life he was
regarded as a shining light, illuminating and warming the Church in
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Through the prayers of St Teilo and of all the Saints of
Wales, Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us!