Saint James of the Marche 28 November 2016


Carlo Crivelli 1430-1495 Saint-Jacques-de-la Marche 1391-1476- Own work author: Serge Ottaviani date: 2013-04-13 16:33:56

Saint James of the Marche

Saint of the Day for November 28

(1394 – November 28, 1476)


Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saint James of La Marca of Ancona, Confessor

The small town of Montbrandon, in the Marca of Ancona, the ancient Picenum, a province of the ecclesiastical state in Italy, gave birth to this saint. His parents, though of low condition, were very virtuous, and educated him in sentiments of true piety and religion. A neighbouring priest taught him Latin, and he was young when he was sent to the university of Perugia, where his progress in learning soon qualified him to be chosen preceptor to a young gentleman of Florence. This student’s father, who was a magistrate of that city, was much taken with the virtue and prudence of our saint, engaged him to accompany his son to Florence, and procured him a considerable post in that republic. Saint James observed, that in the hurry of worldly business men easily forget to converse sufficiently with God and themselves, and that shutting themselves up in it, they become part of that vortex which hurries time and the world away without looking any further: also, that whilst we hear continually the discourse of men, we are apt insensibly to take in, and freight ourselves with the vices of men. Against these dangers, persons who live in the world, must use the antidote of conversing much with God. This James did by assiduous prayer and recollection, in which exercises he found such charms that he resolved to embrace a religious and penitential life. These were the dispositions of his soul when, travelling near Assisium, he went into [ more]