Celtic – St. Tugdual of Brittany-30 November 2016

 Also commemorated 1 December

Tugdual – pron. TOO-dwahl

St Yves Treguier 2005 petite.jpg
This picture was taken at the pardon of St Ives at Treguier in 2005

The relics of Saint Ives and Tudwal in a procession at the gate of Tréguier Cathedral in 2005, Saint Tudwal Died~564 AD
Venerated in:

  •  Orthodox
  • Catholic Church
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Anglican Communion
  • True Orthodox Church

Feast 30 November/1 December-Attributes  bishop holding a dragon

Died c. 564. One of the Seven Patron Saints of Brittany. The Welsh monk Tugdual was one of the sons of King Hoel I Mawr (the Great). He travelled to Ireland from his father’s home in Britain to learn the scriptures before becoming a hermit on Ynys Tudwal (St.Tudwal’s Isle East) off the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales. He later emigrated to Leon in Brittany and settled at Lan Pabu with some seventy-two followers. Here he established a large monastery under the patronage of his cousin, King Deroch of Domnonee. From here, Tugdual travelled throughout Brittany evangelising the local population. He founded the Monastery of Val Trechor at Treguier and had the foresight to go to Paris and have his land grants ratified by King Childebert of the Franks. The monarch insisted that Tugdual be made Bishop of Treguier where he is still venerated, especially around Leon. It was at Treguier that he died in 564. His shrine can still be seen in the Cathedral.

Three places in the Lleyn Peninsula (Cardigan Bay) in Carnarvonshire perpetuate his memory. Saint Levan, founder of Killeven in Ireland, wrote the life of Saint Tugdual after his travels in Brittany.

Saint Tudwal’s Island East (Ynys Tudwal) has a ruined chapel, which is mentioned in the tax rolls of 1291. His relics are claimed by Treguier, Laval, and Chartres. This is believed to have been his original hermitage (Attwater 2, Benedictines, Coulson, Farmer).  (He may identical to a saint with a similar name on December 1; some calendars also show his feast on December 2.) Tudwal is shown in iconography as a bishop holding a dragon,with his stole now the symbol of Tregor.


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