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The Day of the Lord

Joel 1

As Joel’s account opens, there is disaster in the land in the form of an invasion of locusts. They have destroyed everything in their path that grows; crops in the fields, grain in the barns; everything. The situation is dire indeed.

God has given him a message to the people, a message in five parts. Each of these contains a summons to a different group of people to come at once to the temple for lamentations. He begins in 1:2-4 with a summons to the elders of the land. In those days during the minority of King Joash, these are the men who would have served as regents over the land until the King was old enough to serve on his own. No doubt you have noticed that Joel has not mentioned who the King was when he wrote the book as the prophets normally did, and that would be explained by the minority of [ Joash.]

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