Saint Flann of Bangor, 15 December 2016

Saint Flann of Bangor, December 15


The main art form that has survived from Ireland that is coincident with St Flann’s tenure at Bangor is that of metallurgy. Two of the major examples of this time period would be the Chalice of Ardagh (pictured above) and the Brooch of Tara.See also

December 15 is the feast of Saint Flann, a seventh/eighth century successor to Saint Comgall as abbot of Bangor. The Martyrology of Oengus says that at this date we commemorate ‘the feast of Flann the modest ruler, the abiding successor at Bangor.’ His repose is recorded in the Annals in the eighth century where he is also linked to Antrim:
A.D. 722. ” St. Flann, of Aentrebh (Antrim), Abbot of Beannchair, died.”
One of the most glowing tributes to the monastic foundation over which Saint Flann ruled was written by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux in his Life of Saint Malachy, ironically at the time when the continental religious orders were being introduced to Ireland. The quotation below has been taken from the diocesan history of Down and Connor by Father O’Laverty:
“There had existed in this place, under the founder Comgellus, a most noble institution,[ more]