25 Songs of Christmas -21-Little Drummer Boy

What Christmas presents have you bought? What Christmas presents do you expect to receive? Let’s be honest. Christmas is really all about the give and get. We can say it is about Christ’s birth, but who knows what day that really happened on. We can talk about family traditions, the eggnog, the fables like Frosty and Rudolph we tell our kids, the lights, the songs, and the memories, but what makes Christmas, Christmas all comes down to the gifts.

As parents we love the expression of love that goes into getting things for our kids. As kids, the eagerness with which we write our wish lists turns into the anticipation of that day drawing ever closer which turns into the eager joy of unwrapping those boxes which turns into… the let down of realizing that this gift isn’t really all that great after all. How many days until my birthday? Time to start making a new list.

Source: 25 Songs of Christmas (#21 – Little Drummer Boy) | THE RIVER WALK


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