Celtic and saint of the day Saint Egwin – 30 December 2016

Saint Egwin of Worcester

Catholic Encyclopedia entry for Saint Egwin

Saint Egwin of Worcester

Third Bishop of Worcester; date of birth unknown; died (according to Mabillon) 20 December 720, though his death may have occurred three years earlier. His fame as founder of the great Abbey of Evesham no doubt tended to the growth of legends which, though mainly founded on facts, render it difficult to reconcile all the details with those of the ascertained history of the period. It appears that either in 692, or a little later, upon the death of Oft for, second Bishop of Worcester, Egwin, a prince of the Mercian blood royal, who had retired from the world and sought only the seclusion of religious life, was forced by popular acclaim to assume the vacant see. His biographers say that king, clergy, and commonalty all united in demanding his elevation; but the popularity which forced on him this reluctant assumption of the episcopal functions was soon wrecked by his apostolic zeal in their discharge.

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