Celtic- St. Finlugh, Abbot – 3 January 2017

St. Finlugh, Abbot (Finlag)

St. Finlugh, Abbot (Finlag)

6th century. Finlugh, brother of Saint Fintan, crossed into Scotland, where he apparently became a disciple of Saint Columba. Returning to Ireland, he was elected abbot of a monastery established by Saint Columba in County Derry (Benedictines).

Troparion of the Ss Fintan and Finlugh
Tone 1
Being brothers both in the flesh and in the Faith
O honoured Fintan and Finlugh,
you served our Saviour in your native land
winning souls for Him by feats of ascetic piety.
Cease not your love for men,
praying that our souls may also be saved.

Source: Celtic and Old English Saints – 3 January

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