Elizabeth Ann Seton- 4 January 2017

The Setons, the Bayleys, and the Roosevelts


Elizabeth Ann Bayley at the time of her marriage, 1794

Elizabeth Ann Bayley at the time of her marriage, 1794

Archbishop Robert Seton was remembered as a fairly eccentric character who made a good deal of his family background. A pastor, scholar, and enthusiast for ecclesiastical minutiae, he was also a genealogist who traced his roots back to Medieval Europe. In 1899, he published a 438-page history, An Old Family: The Setons of Scotland and America. Enthusiasts of American Catholic history will find the second half most interesting, which discusses his grandmother, St. Elizabeth Seton (1774-1821), and her descendants. [Read More…]

Source: The Setons, the Bayleys, and the Roosevelts

Saint of the day 4 January 2017

Elizabeth Ann Seton

The unbreakable Elizabeth Ann Seton helps adjust our perspective upwards This advice from America’s first native-born saint can make your 2017 happier and holier.

Feeling like 2016 wasn’t a stellar year for you? You may want to begin 2017 by reading a biography of Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton (Linked above) — America’s first native-born canonized saint — for a little perspective. After all, she herself said in the midst of one of her many trials, “It sometimes lessens personal sorrow to compare our condition with the case of others.”

The wife, mother, widow, socialite, convert, loyal friend, educator, musician, caregiver, volunteer, religious founder of the Sisters of Charity was fortunate when any year of her life didn’t involve loss, death, illness, financial stress or ruin, heartbreak, moving and all manner of hardships, including the trials she faced when she converted to the Catholic faith. There is a lot this homegrown saint can teach us, but here are three lessons from her life that can help make your new year a little happier and holier:

1) Keep following the star.
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