celtic -St. Wulsin of Sherborne 8 January 2017


Sherborne Abbey

St. Wulsin of Sherborne, Bishop
(Wulfsin, Wulfsige)

Died January 8, 1005. Saint Wulsin is described as a loyal and trusty monk whom Saint Dunstan loved like a son with pure affection. When Dunstan restored Westminster Abbey, he appointed Wulsin superior there (c. 960) and finally abbot in 980. In 992, Wulsin was consecrated bishop of Sherborne, but he also continued to serve as abbot of Westminster. The following year Bishop Wulsin introduced a monastic chapter within his see. Wulsin rebuilt the church at Sherborne and improved its endowment. He was a great Benedictine prelate even in that age of distinguished monks.[continued]

Source St. Wulsin of Sherborne, Bishop (Wulfsin, Wulfsige)