Celtic- Orthodox St. Fursey of East Anglia 16 January

St. Fursey of East Anglia and Lagny Abbot of Burgh Castle, and Peronne Monastery, France

Orthodox Church St Fursey’s, Stalham, N. Norfolk 



Saint Fursey

Born Island of Inisquin(?), Lough Corri, Ireland; died in France c. 648.

After Saint Columbanus (f.d. November 21) Fursey is perhaps the best known of the Irish monastic missionaries abroad in the earlier middle ages. Born of noble parents, Saint Fursey left home to build a monastery at Rathmat (probably Killursa), attracted throngs of disciples, and then after a time at home began preaching.

Twelve years later, sometime after 630, with his brothers SS. Foillan (f.d. October 31) and Ultan (f.d. May 2), he travelled to East Anglia (England) as a pilgrim for Christ, and was welcomed by King Saint Sigebert (f.d. September 27) of the East Angles, who was encouraging the work of Saint Felix of Dunwich (f.d. March 8) at just this time. Sigebert gave them the old fortress of Cnobheresburg (Burgh Castle, Suffolk) and its adjacent lands for a monastery. [read original article]