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Saint Deicolus and the Boar, Johann Wolfgang Baumgartner

Saint Deicolus (Déicole, Dichuil, Deel, Deicola, Deicuil, Delle, Desle, Dichul, Dicuil) (c. 530 – January 18, 625) is venerated as a saint by both the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church as an East–West Schism, pre-Schism, Western saint. He was an elder brother of Saint Gall. Born in Leinster, Deicolus studied at Bangor

Source: Deicolus – Wikipedia

Life: He was selected to be one of the twelve followers to accompany St. Columbanus on his missionary journey. After a short stay in Great Britain in 576 he journeyed to Gaul and laboured with St. Columbanus in Austrasia and Burgundy.[1]

Life source: Deicolus Life

Born c. 530
Died January 18, 625
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church

Eastern Orthodox Church

Major shrine Lure, France
Feast January 18
Attributes Ray of light; depicted as a hermit; a wild boar hunted by King Clothaire takes refuge at his feet
Patronage childhood illnesses