Scottish-orthodox-St. Nathalan of Aberdeen-19 January 2017

St. Nathalan of Aberdeen, Bishop

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Commemorated: January 8/21


Ruins of Chapel of Sts. Mary and Nathalan in Stonehaven

Saint Nathalan lived from about 620 to 678. He was an early Christian Saint active on Deeside. The wider picture in Scotland at the time is set out in our Historical Timeline.

St Nathalan, whose name is sometimes given as St Nachlan or St Nauchlan, was apparently born into a noble Pictish family on Deeside sometime around 620: only the year of his death is known, so any indication of his year of birth is at best a rough guess. Nathalan established a religious community at Tullich, near Ballater, probably on the site now occupied by the ruins of Tullich Kirk a few hundred yards north of the River Dee. He managed the surrounding estate very well and was always able to produce surplus food to help pilgrims and the needy of the area.[read more  ]

Source: Saint Nathalan Biography on Undiscovered Scotland