Irish -St. Maccallin of Waulsort, Abbot 21 January 2017


Waulsort Abbey (French: Abbaye de Waulsort) was a Benedictine monastery located at Waulsort now in Hastière in the province of Namur, Belgium.The monastery was founded in 946 by Scottish monks. Saint Maccallin and Saint Cathróe were the first two abbots. Saint Forannan (d. 980) was also subsequently abbot of Waulsort.The abbey was dissolved during the French Revolution in 1793, when it was sacked. The surviving structures have been remodelled as a private house.The former abbey is principally known as the owner, from the 10th to the 18th century, of the Lothair Crystal.

St. Maccallin of Waulsort, Abbot

Also known as Macallan, Maolcalain


21 January


Friend of Saint Cadroe. During a pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint Fursey in Peronne, France, Maccalin became a Benedictine monk at Gorze. Abbot at Gorze. Abbot of Saint Michael’s monastery at Thierache, France. Abbot of Waulsort Abbey near Dinant, Belgium.

Born   Irish
Died 978 near Dinant, Belgium of natural causes
Canonized Pre-Congregation

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