Celtic and Old English Saints – St. Manach of Lemonaghan 24 January 2017

St. Manach of Lemonaghan


Shrine of Manchán,  Drawing from: James Graves, “The Church and Shrine of St. Manchán.” The Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland, Fourth series 3 (1874). pp. 134-50.

St. Manchan lived in Leamonaghan, it is about two kilometres from Pollagh. St. Kieran of Clonmacnoise gave him some land and he formed a monastery in the year 645 AD. Nothing now remains but the ruins and the surrounding graveyard. The foundations of the original buildings may still be traced but the larger ruins are those of a church built at a later date.

About 500m from the monastery is a little stone house which Monchan built for his mother Mella. This place is known locally as Kell and the ruins of the house can still be visited today. It is said that one day the saint was thirsty and there was no water at the monastery. He struck a rock and a spring well bubbled up, it is now known as St. Manahan’s well. It is visited by people from all around especially on January 24 each year. It is claimed that many people have been cured of diseases after visiting the well.

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Source: Celtic and Old English Saints – 24 January

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