Irish – Natalis of Ulster – 27 January 2017

Natalis (Saint Naile, Naal) (died 564) was a 6th-century Irish monk and saint.[1]

Ruins old church of Naile, Kinawley, Fermanagh

Ruins old church of Naile, Kinawley, Fermanagh

His father was Aenghus, who was 3rd in descent from Lughaidh, King of Munster. He died in 564. He was a spiritual student of Columba and founded monasteries throughout Ulster, serving as an abbot at St Naul’s Abbey, Inver (County Donegal), Kinawley (Cill Naile), Inver Naile (at Raphoe, County Donegal), and Devenish Island, where he succeeded Saint Molaise. A well in his memory still exists beside Kinawley Church, where the handle of his bell was preserved up to the 19th century.

Natalis’ feast day is January 27.

Source: Natalis of Ulster – Wikipedia