Old English -St. Gildas the Wise, Abbot Bishop(Badonicus) – 29 January 2017

St. Gildas the Wise, Abbot Bishop(Badonicus)

Saint Gildas the Wise Image

Born c. 520; died c. 570 (some scholars believe he may have died as early as 554).

Gildas may have been born in the lower valley of Clydeside in Scotland. He is often called “Badonicus” because he was born in the year the Britons defeated the Saxons at Bath. His father was of the ruling family of a small kingdom on the borders of Northumbria with its capital at Dumbarton but he was sent from the banks of the Clyde to the monastery of Llaniltut or Llantwit. in southern Wales, where he was trained by Saint Illtyd (f.d. November 6) together with Saint Samson (f.d. July 28) and Saint Paul Aurelian (f.d. March 12), though he was much younger. Well-known Irish monks, including Saint Finnian (f.d. December 12), became his disciples. He made a pilgrimage to Ireland to consult with his contemporary saints of that land and wrote letters to far-off monasteries. He seems to have had considerable influence on the development of the Irish church.

When Gildas graduated from Llantwit he went to Ireland to continue his studies, moving from one monastic centre to another. Possibly he was ordained priest in Ireland and went back to the North of Britain, teaching and preaching in the land of his nativity. The fame of his successful ministry made Ainmeric, a King in Ireland, invite him back to restore the discipline and ordered Liturgy in the monasteries and he taught for a time in the School of Armagh. <read more>Source: Celtic and Old English Saints – 29 January

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  • stained glass window of Saint Gildas the Wise, date and artist unknown;  from wiki