Sebastian of Aparicio-26 February 2017

Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio (Bendito Sebastian de Aparicio) Feast Day – February 25   Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio was born of poor peasants in the year 1502, at Gudena in the Spanish province of Galicia. In his youth he attended his father’s sheep. When he was twelve years old, he was seized with a pestilential [...]

Our Absence.28 February 2017

  Posts have been neglected on this blog due to the fact that the Administrator - Br. Andrew had an accident with a Band saw. When able to type, the internet then made itself noticeably present by it's absence. Pray for Fr Casper who is recovering from Illness. Br Andrew Efo Image attribution for thermometer [...]

IrishSt. Sillian of Bangor 28 February 2017

St. Sillian of Bangor, Abbot (Sillan, Silvanus) Died c. 610. A disciple of St. Comgall (f.d. May 10) of Bangor, County Down, and his second successor as abbot of that monastery (Benedictines). St. Sillian is also considered to be a Latin saint of the (Russian) Orthodox Patriarchate of Rome A site with a brief history [...]

Saints of the day 9-21 February 2017

Link: Saint Jerome Emiliani Saint of the Day for February 9 (1486 – February 8, 1537) February Calendar 21 February; Saint Peter Damian Saint of the Day for February 21 (988 – February 22, 1072) Canonized: 1823 Peter was born in Italy in 1007. When his parents died, he went to live with one of his older brothers, [...]

Is this Love? Q2 – what price my soul

(with love and thanks to Don Merritt, The Life Project) "Br Andrew  Efo recommends - Read this for very God and bad grammer (mine) made flesh- For Reality's sake" I see you on the cross. I brush your sweat beads as they land. They stink. I hear you groaning. I feel your lungs collapse ever tighter. [...]

Saints of the day 9-11 February 2017

Saint Jerome Emiliani Saint of the Day for February 9 Born: 1481; Died: February 8, 1537 Canonized: 1767, by Pope Benedict XIV Patron Saint of: orphans Also known Gerolamo Emiliani, Jerome Aemilian, and Hiëronymus Emiliani. Jerome was born in 1481, the son of a noble family of Venice, Italy. He was a good soldier and was put [...]

Saints of the Day 3 -8 February 2017

February 3. 2017 Saint Blaise We know more about the devotion to Saint Blaise by Christians around the world than we know about the saint himself. His feast is observed as a holy day in some Eastern Churches. In 1222, the Council of Oxford prohibited servile labor in England on Blaise’s feast day. The Germans and Slavs [...]

Presentation of the Lord-2 February 2017

The Story of the Presentation of the Lord Introduction At the end of the fourth century, a woman named Etheria made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Her journal, discovered in 1887, gives an unprecedented glimpse of liturgical life there. Among the celebrations she describes is the Epiphany, the observance of Christ’s birth, and the gala procession [...]

Celtic-St.Cinnia-1 February 2o17

 Image:  Abbey of St. Peter + Paul, Clones. There has been an abbey on this site since the 6th century, when St. Tighernach founded the first abbey. This abbey architecturally dates from the 11th-12th centuries. The ruins are a National Monument.  St Cinnia  was   St Tigernach of Clones' Maternal AuntSt. Cinnia - Memorial 1 February [...]