Sebastian of Aparicio-26 February 2017

Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio

(Bendito Sebastian de Aparicio)

Feast Day – February 25


Image:Statue of blessed Sebastian Aparicio , born in Gudena, Spanish province of Galicia


Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio was born of poor peasants in the year 1502, at Gudena in the Spanish province of Galicia. In his youth he attended his father’s sheep. When he was twelve years old, he was seized with a pestilential disease. His anxious mother carried him to a little hut far out in the field, so that no one else would be infected by him. While he lay there one day quite helpless and alone, a wolf from the neighboring woods approached by the providence of God, and bit open the plague spot with the result that Sebastian recovered completely. source: Roman Catholic Saints -Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio

Pope Pius VI beatified him in 1787; and efforts are being made in Mexico to have his cause of canonization introduced.