St. Gwinear, St. Phiala & Companions 23 March 2017

St. Gwinear, St. Phiala & Companions, Martyrs-(Fingar, Guigner, Gwinnear) Died 460. This saint's "vita" was not written by Anselm, probably a Cornish canon, until about eight centuries after his death. There is evidence that the basics of the story are true. When Saint Patrick was evangelizing Ireland, he came to the court of King Clito [...]

Celtic and Old English Saints 19-25 March 2017

19 St. Lactan of Freshford St. Alkmund of Northumbria  20  St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne St. Herbert St. Martin of Braga St. Clement of the Paris Schools  21  St. Enda of Arranmore St. Isenger of Verdun  22  St. Failbhe of Iona St. Trien of Killelga St. Darerca  23  St. Gwinear, St. Phiala & Companions St. Ethelwald [...]

Remainder 3rd week of Lent March2017

I apologise for being tardy with my Lenten links but have not been at all well this week and have hardly been online at all. Here are the links up until Saturday. 2 Third Wednesday of Lent: Cultivate a Peaceful Heart “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; [...]

Third Monday and Tuesday of Lent March 2017

20 Third Monday of Lent: True Prophets “And he said, ‘Truly I tell you, no prophet is accepted in the prophet’s home town.’” —Luke 4:24 Francis’ biographers give us a glimpse into his family’s response to his conversion: When his father saw him in this pitiful plight, he was ashamed, and whenever they met, he [...]

Irish -St. Frigidian of Lucca 18 March 2017

St. Frigidian of Lucca, Bishop (Frediano, Frigdianus) Born in Ireland; died 588; feast day formerly March 15. In spite of the Italian name Frediano, by which he is usually called, St. Frigidian was an Irishman, the son of King Ultach of Ulster. He was trained in Irish monasteries and ordained a priest. His learning was imparted [...]

Third Sunday of Lent March 2017

God’s Plan for Us “Jesus said to them, ‘My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to complete his work.’” —John 4:34 If we forget everything else in our relationship with God, we need to remember that we are called into an unbreakable covenant with the Divine. Whatever our destiny, [...]

Irish Celt-St. Patrick, Enlightener of Ireland 17 March 2017

St. Patrick, Enlightener of Ireland  Born in Scotland (?), c. 385-390; died at Saul, Strangford Lough, Ireland, c. 461. I was like a stone lying in the deep mire; and He that is mighty came, and in His mercy lifted me up, and verily raised me aloft and placed me on the top of the [...]

Pict-St. Boniface or Curitan, Bishop of Ross 16 March 2017

St. Boniface or Curitan, Bishop of Ross (Kyrin, Kyrstin) Born in Rome, Italy; died at Rosmark, Scotland, c. 630. Early in the eighth century, about the year 710, King Nectan of the Picts sent to Coelfrid at Wearmouth asking for guidance over the new usages that had been agreed fifty years before at the Council [...]

2nd wed-thurs-fri-sat-of-lent

I do apologise, things have been very busy here and we have fallen behind. here is the remainder of the second week of Lent. 15 Second Wednesday of Lent: True Authority “It will not be so among you; but whoever wishes to be great among you must be your servant, and whoever wishes to be [...]

Ireland -St. Talmach of Lough Erc-14 March 2017

Omnium Sanctorum Hiberniae Saint Talmach, March 14 March 14 is the commemoration of Saint Talmach, whom Canon O'Hanlon links to County Cork and its patron Saint Finnbarr: ST. TALMACH, CONFESSOR. [Sixth and Seventh Centuries.] Some short notices of St. Talmach are given by Colgan, at the 14th of March. At this same date, the Bollandists [...]