St. Constantine of Govan -9 March 2017

St. Constantine (+575) of Govan, King of Cornwall, Monk, and in Kintyre, Proto-martyr of Scotland


 Constantine, in Kerrier: The 15th century Church, dedicated to Saint Constantine. Image

Celebrated March 9 in Wales and Cornwall, March 11 in Scotland and March 18 in Ireland.

Our holy Father Constantine was, according to one tradition, the nephew of the famous King Arthur, to whom the latter bequeathed his crown when he was mortally wounded.

According to another, he was a king of Cornwall who abandoned his kingdom and became a monk in St. David’s cell. Then, leaving for another land, he built a monastery there.

The fullest traditions concerning him come from Scotland. They state that he was the son of Paternus, king of Cornwall, and married the daughter of the king of Brittany. But she died, and he, grieving over her death and refusing to be comforted, delivered his kingdom to his son, and bidding farewell to all, left his kingdom and crossed over to Ireland. [MARTYR CONSTANTINE OF CORNWALL]



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