Celtic-St. Kessog of Lennox-10March 2017


St Kessog’s Church, Ancaster Square Callander,United Kingdom

St. Kessog of Lennox, Bishop & Martyr

Born in Cashel, Ulster, Ireland; died c. 560. Son of the king of Cashel (Munster), Saint Kessog is said to have worked miracles even as a child. He left Ireland to evangelize Scotland, where he was consecrated a missionary bishop. Using Monks’ Island in Loch Lomond as his headquarters, he evangelized the surrounding area until he was martyred, though where is uncertain–some claim at Bandry where a heap of stones was known as St. Kessog’s Cairn, and others abroad. Part of the cairn at Bandry was removed in the 18th century to clear the way for a road. At that time, a stone statue of Kessog was found inside it. Luss was the principal centre of his cultus with a sanctuary granted by Robert the Bruce.[Go to ]

Second source

Saint Kessog of Lennox, March 10

At  March 10, we commemorate an Irish saint whose career lay in Scotland, Kessog of Lennox. Canon O’Hanlon takes up his story:

St. Kessog, Mackessog, or Makkessagus, Bishop, and Confessor, Patron of Lennox, Scotland.
[Sixth Century]

This holy bishop is venerated, and not unmeritedly, in the church of Scud, on his natal day, as elsewhere in Scotland. There, while living on earth, he sought out the true way of living for ever in heaven. The Bollandists have the Acts of St. Kessog, at the 10th of March. These consist of two preliminary sections, with the lection of his Life, as found in the Breviary of Aberdeen. From this we learn, that it had been compiled, from a special Life of St. Kessog. Bishop Forbes gives an interesting account of this Scottish bishop.[go to]


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