Pict-St. Boniface or Curitan, Bishop of Ross 16 March 2017


St. Boniface or Curitan, Bishop of Ross
(Kyrin, Kyrstin)

Born in Rome, Italy; died at Rosmark, Scotland, c. 630. Early in the eighth century, about the year 710, King Nectan of the Picts sent to Coelfrid at Wearmouth asking for guidance over the new usages that had been agreed fifty years before at the Council of Whitby. He also asked for help in building a church “in the Roman Style” which he wanted to dedicate to St Peter. Coelfrid who was abbot of the double monastery of St Peter Wearmouth and St Paul Jarrow, sent back a long letter explaining the Roman method of determining the date of Easter and how the tonsure favoured in the Western Church differed from the Celtic one. This letter is recorded in full by Bede and it is probable that he composed it for his abbot. [  Read on]

SourceSt. Boniface or Curitan, Bishop of Ross – Celtic and Old English Saints