Celtic and Old English Saints 19-25 March 2017


St. Lactan of Freshford
St. Alkmund of Northumbria


St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne
St. Herbert
St. Martin of Braga
St. Clement of the Paris Schools


St. Enda of Arranmore
St. Isenger of Verdun


St. Failbhe of Iona
St. Trien of Killelga
St. Darerca


St. Gwinear, St. Phiala & Companions
St. Ethelwald of Farne
St. Maidoc of Fiddown


St. Caimin of Lough Derg
St. Macartin of Clogher
St. Cairlon of Cashel
St. Domangard of Maghera
St. Hildelid of Barking


St. Kennocha
St. Alfwold of Sherborne

In my tardiness I have placed the calendar links to celtic and old English Saints for the third week in lent.

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  1. You will notice that on most days of the year several saints share a memorial, that some are well documented and others not. Those of you who have kept track of the previous year will have discovered that I have gone to the trouble to look for my Old English forebeares in various other places.
  2. Ireland features quite frequently
  3. Many also have their place on the Russian Orthodox Calendar.

Source: Celtic and Old English Saints March 2017