Celtic and Old English Saints – 16 April 2017

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Church of St. Padarn of Wales By Dylan Moore, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link



St. Padarn of Wales

5th century. Paternus was born in Brittany to devout parents named Patran and Gwen. His father sought Gwen’s permission to go to live as a hermit in Ireland, and she brought up their son to be pious and godly.[St. Padarn of Wales ]


St. Withburga of Dereham

Died 16th April, 743 AD. Translation – 8th July, 974 AD.

SAINT WITHBURGA was the youngest of the daughters of Anna [Onna], King of the East Angles, and was thus nobly born. She was taught all things regarding the Heavenly Kingdom and was brought up close to the sea by a guardian and tutor at a village within her father’s royal estate. This village is known as Holkham, where a church was eventually built in her memory and which is still called in English – Wihtburhstow. Hearing of the demise of her father, the holy maiden took recourse to the profession of vows as a nun. Thus in the protection of the wings of the Lord, she acquiesced happily.[St. Withburga of Dereham]

St. Elias of Cologne

Helias was a native of what is now County Monaghan, apparently been a monk at the monastery of Muckno which is now the parish around the town of Castleblayney. Trithemius states that he led “a most austere life, and was on that account an object of hatred to wicked men, who feared his reproof.”[St. Elias of Cologne]


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